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Online Speech Therapy

Our Speech-Language Pathologists handle everything from preparing the IEPs to administering the service. We take care of the entire process, which saves you time and money. Because you won’t have to hire a lot of on-site support staff for your students, all you need is an aid to help get the students in front of a device to receive their services.

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  • Most school-based SLP services fall into four categories which can all be addressed in online services
    • articulation, phonology, intelligibility, expressive and receptive language, reading comprehension, pragmatics, voice disorders, and fluency

  • Provide online real-time face to face services for Speech and Language Disorders
  • Administer Assessments and write evaluations
  • Prepare IEPs and goals
  • Serve as Case Managers for Speech Only students
  • Attend IEP meetings
  • Track and report student progress per school’s schedule
  • Schedule students
  • Consult, communicate, and train parents
  • Work with teachers regarding individual student needs
  • Integral IEP team member
  • Services are scheduled and delivered based on each student’s
  • IEP or 504 plan
    • Individually
    • In Small Group – max of 3 students
    • In Full Classroom Setting

Speech-Language Assessments

Lighthouse Therapy’s clinicians can conduct the following list of online speech therapy assessments. This list is regularly reviewed and updated so please check back for new assessments.

  • Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language- Second Edition (CASL-2)
  • Clinical Assessment of Pragmatics (CAPs)
  • Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals- Fifth Edition (CELF-5)
  • Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals- Fifth Edition Metalinguistics  (CELF-5 Metalinguistics)
  • Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals Preschool 3 (CELF Preschool-3)
  • Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation- Third Edition (GFTA-3)
  • Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation- Third Edition (GFTA-3), Spanish
  • Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis- Third Edition (KLPA-3)
  • Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Fifth Edition (PPVT-5)
  • Expressive Vocabulary Test- Third Edition (EVT-3)

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