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If you don’t fill your open therapist positions:

Your budget will be cut.
You may have a lawsuit to deal with.

Stop stressing over budget cuts and pending lawsuits. No one should have to experience staff shortages. We have a waitlist of therapists ready to work for you today.

The benefits of teletherapy

Connect From anywhere

Our convenient online therapy is equal to in-person services.

Improve test scores

Fully meet the needs of each student, and their test scores go up.

alleviate Anxiety

No more open therapy positions or missed sessions!

Reduce Workload

No more complaint calls regarding lack of therapy services!

Pay as you go

Stop paying therapists for driving to each location. Only pay for your sessions.

Working with us is easy!


We understand you’re busy. Schedule a time to talk that works best for you.


We don’t give a “one size fits all option” each proposal is customized to your school’s needs.


Fully meet the needs of each student, and their test scores go up.
You are only charged based on your student’s needs. | Contracts can be canceled with a 30-day notice. We guarantee that you will love your therapist(s)

Nobody should have to experience therapist shortages.

  • 26 years of experience
  • Nine years in online therapy
  • Licensed and certified in all 50 states including California NPA certification
"Lighthouse Therapy has provided our organization with dependable, reliable, and professional, related services. What separates Lighthouse Therapy from other vendors, is their terrific customer service and quality human character."
Tim Ribota, Ed. S.,
Director of Student Services, Pacific Charter Institute
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Your Guide to Special Education Due Process

Ways to Keep Your School out of a Lawsuit

Don’t get stuck with a lawsuit. Practical tips to keep your school out of the courtroom.

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